Dr. Quist-Aphetsi urges Academic Institutions to Build Cloud Computing System

A lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Kester Quist-Aphetsi, has underscored the need for academic institutions to build Cloud Computing System to enhance their operations. According to him, Cloud Computing could help academic institutions to store files (for example examination scripts), perform computational research works through high performance computing applications, collaborative research work between departments, data mining from stored works and research work repository such as research articles, books, thesis and other administrative documents and information. Dr. Quist-Aphetsi stated this at a seminar organised by the School of Physical Sciences on the topic “Directions in Computing Academic Researches and their Applications in Industry”. He said such research repository was key to the development of academic institutions as regards its ranking on the educational ladder, stressing that “the traffic will boost the institution’s ranking.” He said Cloud Computing System provides a platform for people to mine information and conduct research to address challenges in society. Dr. Quist-Aphetsi said that the application of Cloud Computing System in industries was cost effective, adding that " it enhances security, increases productivity, language analysis, business applications, fight crime and terrorism." At the end of his presentation, Dr. Quist-Aphetsi demonstrated and displayed some of his research projects, ranging from Cloud computing, where he directed some participants to use their smartphones to switch on and switch out light, fan and other electrical appliances. The Dean of the School of Physical Sciences, Prof. David Kofi Essumang, expressed gratitude to Dr. Quist-Aphetsi for his insightful presentation. He admonished the students to emulate the creativity of the speaker and work towards excelling academically in their area of specialisation.